by Jackie Reynolds
Richland College

revised Summer 2012



Here are the exercises for the entire semester.  In addition, there is an internet website for microbiology, with a wide variety of other graphics that you will want to access--- .

This online lab manual is best used in conjunction with the PHOTO ATLAS FOR THE MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY by Leboffe and Pierce, which has a huge set of graphics.

There is an online GLOSSARY, linked to terms within the text of the lab exercises. The STUDY GUIDE for lab practicals is here.

Please read the procedures before coming to lab so you have an idea of what will be done that day.   


Categories of Exercises

Name of Exercise (see Photo Atlas for graphics)

Growth of Microbes


1. Media Preparation  

2. Aseptic Transfers 

3. Dilution Techniques & Pipetting

4. Dilution Worksheet & Problems  

5. Bacterial Isolates from a Sponge 

6. O2 Requirements & Anaerobes

7. Isolation of an Antibiotic Producer from Soil

8.  Bacterial Colony Morphology

9. Kirby-Bauer (Antibiotic Sensitivity)

10. Antimicrobials: Disinfectants,  Antiseptics, and Spices 

11. Bacterial Numbers  

12. Oral Biofilms 

13. Culturing Bacteria from a Urine Specimen




14. Use of the Microscope

15. Bacterial Smears (same exercise with microscope)

16. Hanging Drop Wet Mount  

17. Simple Stain

18. Gram Stain 

19. Spore Stain 

20. Acid-fast stain 

21. Flagella Stain

22. Capsule Stain 



Identification of Staphylococcus species
G unknown bacterium 
(procedure, media list, identification sheet to turn in)
Flow chart for bacterial unknown


  Biochemical Tests

23. EMB  (in sponge exercise) 

24. CNA  (in sponge exercise)

25. O-F glucose  

26. Catalase Test  

27. Oxidase Test  

28. Starch hydrolysis 

29. Lipid Hydrolysis  

30. Casein Hydrolysis  

31. Coagulase Test  

32. Mannitol Salt Test  

33. Deoxyribonuclease (DNAse) Test  

34. Urea Hydrolysis 

35. Carbohydrate Use  

36. Bile Esculin 

37. IMViC tests:  (following tests all in same exercise)

       Indole Production (SIM) +H2S

       Methyl Red & Voges-Proskauer 

      Citrate Test 

38. TTC Motility Agar 

39. Gelatin Hydrolysis

40. Decarboxylation of Amino Acids (ornithine, lysine, arginine)

41. Deamination of Amino Acids (phenylalanine deaminase)

42. Nitrate Reduction  

43. Litmus milk

44. Beta-Galactosidase Test (ONPG)  

45. API-20E multitest strip 

Biochemical test table (important info on biochemical tests)

Food & Water Microbiology    


46. Water Analysis 

47. Mead  (in food-yogurt exercise)

48. Yogurt  (in food exercise with mead) 

Eucaryotic Organisms & Viruses


49. Identifying Fungi  

50. Protozoa   

51. Bacteriophages  

52. Helminths  

53. Algae 



54. DNA Restriction & Electrophoresis  



55. Serology: Antigen-Antibody Tests 

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