Richland College
BIOL 2402 Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy of the Endocrine Glands


Anatomy of the Heart 

Conduction System of the Heart and Electrocardiography

Anatomy of Blood Vessels

Human Cardiovascular Physiology

The Lymphatic System

Anatomy of the Respiratory System

Respiratory Physiology

Anatomy of the Digestive System

Chemical and Physical Processes of Digestion: Computer Simulation

Anatomy of the Urinary System


Anatomy of the Reproductive System

Gametogenesis and the Menstrual Cycle

Embryonic Development

Principles of Heredity


11th edition, Elaine Marieb

  • Each student is responsible for printing out the lab handouts for the semester's lab in anatomy and physiology. The lab handouts list the activities done in lab for each exercise, as well as deletions or supplemental experiments, and study objective information for the lab practicals.
  • Each file is an Adobe Reader .pdf file.
  • Click on the link for each lab exercise handout.

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Jackie Reynolds. Professor of Biology

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