Biol. 2401

Some review questions for the 3rd lab practical.
(answers at the bottom)

1.  Identify the structures labeled A and B.
2.  Name and state number of the cranial nerve that synapses with this tract (at the anterior end) A.  What structure sits in the circle?
3.  Give name of this nerve, areas it enervates, whether sensory, motor or mixed.

4.  Name lobes at A and B, fissure marked C, and structures D and E.

5.  Name the ENTIRE structure seen in this view.  Identify the A structure.

6.  Is area A external , middle, or inner ear?  Name structures B and C.

7.  Name wall layers labeled A, B, and structure C (colored brown).
8.  Name retinal layer and eyewall layer on histology slide.
9.  Name this structure labeled with a yellow asterisk.
10.  What do you call this labeled area of cerebrum?

11.  What type of equilibrium is A responsible for?  What is the name of this structure whether the stapes attached?

12.  the nucleus at A is part of what cell?  B points to the?
13.  The labels are pointing to??

14.  What is the labeled ventricle in the left picture?  On the right picture, name the fissure and the lobe.

15.  Name (and give number) the nerves A-C.  Which moves eyeballs?

16.  Are the cricled spinal roots dorsal OR ventral?

17.  Name the circle plexus on the left.  Name peripheral nerves 1 and 2.

18.  What kind of spinal nerve is it?
Name the attachment structure at bottom.  Which meningeal layer comprises it?

19.  What organ of the body are you looking at (entire view)?
What is the labeled sensory receptor called?


1.  A=optic chiasma, B=pons
2.  A=olfactory, pituitary
3.  trigeminal, entire face and upper scalp, mixed
4.  A=frontal, B=parietal, lateral fissure, D=pons, E=medulla
5.  organ of Corti, tectorial membrane
6.  A=external, B=semicircular canals,  C=tympanum
7.  A=sclera, B=choroid, C=iris
8.  photoreceptor layer (rods/cones), sclera
9.  gyrus
10.  cerebral cortex or gray matter
11. dynamic equilibrium, oval window
12.  Schwann cell, myelin sheath
13.  axon terminals of OTHER nuerons synapsing with this neuron
14.  lateral, transverse, temporal
15.  A=optic, B=abducens, C=spinal accessory.  the opic is totally sensory
16.  dorsal
17.  brachial, nerve 1=intercostal, nerve 2 femoral
18.  sacral.  filum terminale, pia mater
19.  tongue, taste bud